Mocktail Recipes To Make At Home

Mocktails, also known as nonalcoholic drink recipes, are cheerful ways to celebrate anniversaries or occasions without alcohol. While social occasions are a pretty dull and little tough with the experience of the booze, the trend of drinking Coke all night is enough to keep anyone staying at home. Of course, the reduction of alcohol does not mean the banishment of favor.

By anyways, if you are a designated driver or on a healthy diet requiring to be out of alcohol, you can apply some easy Mocktail recipes that are fun, sparkly, included with fresh flavor. With the very hot weather of the summer, these Mocktails will significantly cool your bodies and spirits. You may just serve these Mocktails as a cheerful greeting way when your friends drop by, together see some movies then make an inside party. Mocktail is really a worthy beverage for any anniversaries, occasions, or other celebrations. It is surprising that they can be taken in both in adults and child. You should use many of the favorite virgin cocktails without the liquor, which helps free the mood in the morning and the whole health of the body.

At the present, our VKool.com page would like to introduce you 16 quick and easy Mocktail recipes to make at home. This article included the easiest and the most delicious Mocktail recipes with some ingredients available at home to serve home parties, anniversaries, or any occasions. The writing just tends to supply you with the information, so keep reading it to learn these quick and easy recipes of Mocktail to make at home.

1. Mango Mocktail

Mango Mocktail is stated in the list of easy Mocktail recipes. In fact, mango is a popular fruit not only for direct consumption but also for a favorite ingredient of drinks. Here is a recipe of mango Mocktail that is very useful in the hot summer.


¼ cup of mango juice Juice of 4 to 6 raspberries ¼ cup of grapefruit juice 1 teaspoon of grated ginger 1 tablespoon of lime juice A tall glass A lime wedge and ground granola for garnishing Directions: Put the lime wedge on the top of the tall glass a plunge it in the granola (You can have other ways to garnish your lovely glass) Pour the raspberry juice down to the glass and add the small amount of lime juice into Drop the grated ginger in the mixture and stir them all with the patently yellow mango juice Add the grapefruit juice into the mixture Continue stirring the mixture and finally place some ice cubes before serving

2. Grape Mocktail

Grape Mocktail is the next one mentioned in the list of the easy Mocktail recipe. This Mocktail is attractive to people who interested in visually great Mocktails and it is also noticeably tasteful and appealing. Here is the way how to do the grape Mocktail.
Ingredients: 2 cups of grape juice 4 to 5 teaspoon of pomegranate syrup 2 tablespoons or more of colored sanding sugar 1 Lime Some ice cubes 5 or more glass Directions: Cut the lime into thin and round slices and then use them as swanky rub on the selected glass rim Put the colored sanding sugar over a wide plate and dip all the edges of your glass into this sanding sugar (make sure to coat the evenly) Pour 1 teaspoon of pomegranate syrup into every glass in order to form the base Pour the grapefruit juice and add ice cubes into the blender, make sure crush the ice cubes completely, and pour this tasteful juice into the prepared glasses. Mix all the ingredients gently. Use the lime to decorate the glass as your favor and drink your grape Mock-tail

3. Banana Mocktail

easy Mocktail recipes associated with banana. Instead of strawberry, you can combine banana with apple juice and orange juice. This is really a good beverage with the special smell of banana, apple, and orange combination.

Ingredients 2 sliced bananas 2 cups of chilled orange juice 2 cups of chilled apple juice Directions: Put the slices of bananas into a glass and the blend it completely Pour the chilled orange juice and apple juice into the paste and blend them again Transfer the mixture to the serving glass

4. Orange Mocktail

Similar to lemon, orange is also an excellent choice for the hot summer. It is selected to make a drink that is stated in the list of the easy Mocktail recipes to make at home. Here are the directions:


2 drops orange blossom water 1 oz lemon juice 2 oz Saratoga still water 3 orange swath peel & essence 1 oz ginger syrup Directions:

Put all of these ingredients into a bottle and shake it, strain the shaken juice into a glass Pour Saratoga sparkling water into the juice to keep it on the top Use orange swath to garnish. See more: Health benefits of oranges in the body


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